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Music and the violin have fuelled my curiosity and learning throughout my life both as a student, teacher and performer.
What are the processes, steps and language that leads us to learning, integrating and utilising the best of our talents?

Through a life of observing and learning, over the years, from many methodologies, great teachers and even greater pupils I remain open and curious, whilst holding a rich body of knowledge which continues to support my work with others and myself.

  • He is one of the best whole mind, whole body exponents of violin teaching I have ever meet.

    Eileen Jenson
  • When I first came to Simon I was a talented and successful performer whose creativity was stifled by many years of doubt and insecurity.

    Christine Garratt
  • I have learned from Simon in many areas of my life in a very practical and creative way

    Alex Cook
  • Simon, you are like a genie in my teacher room. I can't thank you enough!

    Isabella Roux