Intelligence emerges when you have the right complexity of connection and the right energy relationship.

Gregory Batesman


Violin lessons in Cambridge and London

I am able to offer violin lessons in Cambridge and London. I am highly experienced at teaching from the early stages to beyond diploma standard. As well as my regular students having a weekly lesson during term time I also give consultation lessons to adults, students and teachers for developmental work in all areas of violin playing, practice and performance technique .
I have had a teaching practice in Cambridge for the last ten years. I run a Youth String Orchestra at the Stapleford Granary for Young String Players that are Grade V and above. This group is supported by ACE Foundation and meets five times a term. I also run a Chamber Group for my most advanced pupils in which we work on performance techniques as well as learning key repertoire in a supportive and creative environment. My pupils learn a clear understanding of how to look after their physiology and having the best violin setup for them. Which facilitates ease in their playing.

Zenon Brzewski International Summer School. Lancut 2013.
Simon Cartledge teaching at Cambridge studio.
Simon Cartledge teaching at Cambridge studio.
Simon Cartledge teaching at Cambridge studio.
A pupil of Simon Cartledge perfoming at a pupil concert.

Adult Restarts

I meet so many people who say to me "I used to play the violin but wasn't very good"
I really think because of poor teaching people were taught into a corner from which the couldn't get any better.This can all be easily changed.
Restarting violin lessons as an adult.
My lessons ensure your set up on the violin gives you the best possible position for ease and comfort in playing.
Fast and direct methods to getting your technique in place for building great facility. Looking at how you think about your own playing, practice and your potential.
Changing limiting beliefs that may have come from poor teaching, family or others and has inhibited your progress.Making the whole experience an engaging, creative and enjoyable process which allows you to be as good as you choose to be!

Group picture in warrior mode preparing to play.