Latest Events

Pathways in Teaching Autumn 2014 and March 2015.

This Autumn we are offering four Sunday afternoon sessions exploring some of the many pathways in teaching. All string teachers, with or without their instruments, are welcome. Come for the whole series or pick and choose between the sessions. In March 2015 ESTA is proud to announce Simon Fischer will present a series of 4 Pathways in Teaching sessions.

All sessions are 2.30-5.30 at the Primrose Hill Community Centre. London NW1 8TN

Sunday October 12th 2014
Simon Cartledge
From the Feet Up

From the feet up is a workshop on the whole body and how we use it when playing the violin and viola.

Sunday October 19th 2014
Simon Cartledge
Mind Your Language

At the Mind your language workshop we will be looking at the use of language in order to heighten our awareness and consider how we can best use our words to the greatest effect.

Sunday November 23rd 2014
Chris Haigh
Folk Fiddle

Folk Fiddle. How hard can it be?

Sunday November 30th 2014

Chris Haigh
Rock Violin

Discovering Rock Violin Workshop. How to create rhythm parts and to improvise solos in a rock or pop context.
Kindly sponsored by Hidersine and Coda Bow.