Zenon Brzewski International Summer School. Lancut 2013.
Simon Cartledge presenting at Conference Oxford. ©

Leading and exercising in South Africa, Johannesburg 2012.
Leading warm ups at Oxford's International Conference 2013 ©

Performing Pupils.

Mind Your Language

Mind your language. We look at the use of language in order to have the most beneficial influence on our pupils.
How to engage pupils in the creative and learning processes.
How to connect with pupils or parents we find more challenging.
This session will be an eyes, ears and senses opener and there will be some good laughs on the way.

From the Feet Up

From the feet up is a workshop on the whole body and how we use it when playing the violin.
We will look at posture and flexibility useful to violinists.
How to release those muscle knots and tensions.
Best set up on the violin, making sure we play from the most beneficial position for the left hand and the bow arm.
This will lead us into some great movement patterns essential to the fundamental technique.
Pennies will drop, issues will resolve and the teaching/ playing experience will get better!
Group picture in warrior mode preparing to play.